Top Rated Electric Bikes

by Patrick Wharton

As technology advances, society has come up with another ingenious form of transportation: electric bicycles. Convenient and efficient, electric bikes can take you place to place without having to expend as much energy as you would on a normal bike. If electric bikes have piqued your interest, this article is here to inform you on the leading e-bikes in the market and how you can choose the best one for you.

Our Picks

ANCHEER Folding Electric Commuter Bike

  • Lightweight steel frame and folding pedals for easy storage
  • Removable 36V 8AH Lithium-Ion battery
  • Machine brakes for the front and rear wheels

Hicient Electric Bike Electric Bicycle

  • Slip resistant, 26 inch spoke wheels
  • 36V 250W powerful motor
  • Three modes: pure electric bike, assisted bike, and normal bike

Angotrade 26 inch Electric Bike Folding Mountain E-Bike

  • Large capacity 36V 8 AH Lithium battery
  • Front and rear mechanical disc brakes
  • Smart battery for fast charging

ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike Beach Snow Bicycle

  • Goes up to 32 kilometers per hour
  • Great, ergonomic design
  • 36V 12 AH Lithium battery with smart lithium battery charger

ANCHEER 26" Electric City Bike

  • Durable aluminum alloy frame
  • Mechanical disc brakes in the front and rear
  • 250W Motor with speed up to 25.75 kilometers per hour

Finding an electric bike that is right for you

Electric bikes have been all the rage recently. What is there not to love? It’s efficient, safe, and most of all, fun. From your health and happiness to the wellbeing of the environment, e-bikes offer numerous benefits to society. If you are someone who does not typically commute by car or bus, e-bikes can be your best choice for fast and sweat-free transportation. As you delve into the electric bicycle market you may feel overwhelmed by the vast selection offered. In actuality, buying an electric bike isn’t as daunting as it seems as long as you keep these key components in mind.

What is your budget?

The cost of electric bikes can vary from a couple hundred dollars to well over a thousand dollars. Depending on where you live, what features you need, and what riding experience you expect, the price will change when catered to your needs. In order to choose the best e-bike for you, it is important to keep a realistic budget in mind that won’t break your bank. As a result, you should research the exact type of bike you need so you have a sensible expectation on how much you should be spending.

How often will you be using the e-bike?

If you plan on using the electric bicycle frequently, it may be worth it to invest in a stronger and more durable e-bike. As a result, you can save money by spending less on maintenance repairs or electric bike replacements. Though you will be paying more money up front, the investment can be more cost efficient in the long run.

In addition, if you plan on riding the e-bike to long distances for extensive periods of time, you should look into bikes that have more than one battery. That way, when one battery goes dead, you have another as backup to lengthen your ride. On the other hand, if you plan on using your electric bike for short distances, it would not be necessary to spend money on an extra battery.

What are the different classes and types of electric bikes?

There are a wide variety of electric bike classes that are marketed for different types of terrain and use. The different electric bike types can be classified by:

  • Class/ Type 1 Electric bike: This electric bike is known to be pedal assisted and it is the most common type of electric bike. The motor on this e-bike provides assistance when the rider is pedaling. Pedal assisted bikes allow the rider to go much faster than normal bikes with less effort.
  • Class/ Type 2 Electric bike: This electric bike is known to be throttle assisted and it is not as common as pedal assisted e-bikes because it is banned in many countries outside of the United States. It is called throttle assisted because the motor can power the bike without the rider having to pedal.
  • Class/ Type 3 Electric bike: This electric bike is called the speed, pedal assisted bike. Similar to the pedal assisted bike, the motor provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling. Unlike a class 1 bike however, class 3 bikes come equipped with a speedometer.

Tips to remember when purchasing an e-bike

Before you buy a brand new electric bicycle, remember to keep these tips in mind:

  1. Take a look at the warranty: Ebikes can be expensive, so you want assurance that your e-bike is at optimal quality. On average, you should expect around a two year warranty.
  2. Understand the different battery types: Generally, the best choice for a battery is a lithium ion battery. The longer you plan on traveling, the greater capacity and output your battery will need.
  3. See if your e-bike fits you: The right e-bike for you can depend on factors such as your height and weight. Make sure that you feel comfortable on your bicycle and that all your limbs can be properly aligned in a normal riding position.
  4. Try out different e-bikes first: As stated previously, e-bikes do not come cheap. As a result, it is important to try out different types of electric bicycles if possible. Through trial and error, you will be able to have a closer idea of the perfect e-bike for you.
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